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Juzo designs all our medical compression garments to improve your life, not inhibit it. Family-owned since 1912, we are a leader in the therapeutic compression garment industry. Our high-quality products, including arm sleeves, socks & stockings, feature graduated compression to support you in everything you do—from grocery shopping to long walks on a beach vacation.

Medical Compression Therapy for Poor Circulation, Lipedema & Lym​phedema

Poor circulation. Graduated compression therapy can help manage symptoms such as tired achy legs, swelling, spider veins, varicose veins, skin changes or leg ulcers by aiding your circulation.

Lymphedema. Compression garments are designed to comfortably keep pressure on the swollen or affected area to assist the drainage of fluid and minimize swelling.

Lipedema. Compression stockings can help decrease pain and hypersensitivity, increase mobility and minimize additional issues such as edema.


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