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You will find Juzo Compression Therapy Garments at most medical supply shops, home health stores, women’s specialty boutiques, and select pharmacies. Juzo dealers across North America can help you with proper fitting and the purchase of your Juzo garment. To find a dealer near you enter your Zip code and click the search button.

We hope you enjoy looking and feeling good with your new Juzo garment, it all starts with the freedom of movement.

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What Should You Expect When You Go For Your Medical Compression Garment Fitting?

  • A Juzo-certified fitter will measure you for compression garments. Wear loose clothing for your first fitting to be measured around your bare limb.
  • Your fitting will last 20-30 minutes in a private room. A certified fitter will measure your limbs and show you options for your compression garment, available in many colors, materials, and styles.
  • Your fitter can provide tips for easier donning and doffing of your garment, including gloves to smooth the fabric and prevent bunching.
  • Be prepared with any questions or concerns to discuss with your fitter during your appointment. With a proper fit and education, you will love your new compression garment.

To learn more about compression care and how to put on and take off your garment, visit our Juzo Compression Education Video Page.

Why Purchase Medical Compression Garments?

Wearing compression stockings or garments designed for athletes or available over the counter may be dangerous if you have a circulatory or lymphatic medical condition. These products may not be appropriate for your medical needs. It's important to consult with your healthcare provider for the most appropriate type of compression garment. Medical-grade compression garments promote circulation, manage edema, and may be necessary to manage your condition effectively. To learn more about medical compression stockings, socks, and other compression garments, visit Why Compression Medical Compression Therapy

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