Instructional videos for Juzo Compression Stockings, Socks, Arm Sleeves & Wraps

Instructional videos for Compression products & garments

Juzo Compression Education

How to put on a Compression Garment

Instructional tips on how to put on Juzo medical compression stockings or socks

How to put on/off Compression Stockings

Juzo Slippie Gator makes putting on & taking off compression stockings & socks easy

How to put on Open Toe Compression Stockings

The Juzo Slippie aid makes putting on your open toe compression stockings simple

Common Garments Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about compression stockings, socks & armsleeves

Compression Garment Care & Maintenance

Instructional tips for care of your Juzo compression stockings, socks & armsleeves

Putting on a Lower Extremity Compression Wrap

How to put on a Juzo Compression Wrap foot, calf, knee & thigh

Putting on a Juzo Compression Calf Wrap

How to put on a Juzo Compression Calf Wrap

Compression that Hugs Like You Do

Compression That

Juzo medical compression stockings or socks for when you need support like the hugs you give everyone you love.


Joi-Louise Loving Life With Juzo Compression Stockings & Socks

Working Man Hugs

Just like a hug, Juzo compression socks make you feel better!


It’s a new day with Juzo compression arm sleeves.

Juzo Compression Products

Juzo Power Socks

Juzo Power Socks, socks for every lifestyle.

Seamless Compression for Lymphology

Juzo Seamless Compression Gloves & Foot Portions for early stages of Lymphedema.

Juzo Medical Education

Understanding Lymphedema

Learn about the common causes of Lymphedema and how compression can help manage it.

Poor Circulation

Compression socks & stockings can help treat poor circulation (Chronic Venous Insufficiency)

Juzo Brand Champions

Juzo Brand Champions

Stories from a few members of our extended family who are beating the odds thanks to compression.

Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh’s journey with lymphedema & how Juzo compression stockings helped

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