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February 2020

Announcing the New Juzo Power Socks

Juzo Product Development

Exciting things are happening at Juzo in 2020 as we launch NEW products! Starting in February, our new line of men’s socks – Juzo Power Comfort – are available. We know you’re eager to kick your shoes off after a long day, but trust us, you’ll want to keep your Power Comfort socks on.

We designed Juzo Power Comfort socks with a thick padded sole to provide all-day cushioning for feet that work hard and play harder. Broad-ribbed for casual good looks, Power Comfort socks deliver a therapeutic punch – the compression you need for healthy legs.

“We’ve applied our medical compression expertise to this line of socks that men can wear everyday and get the support they need, whether they’re working long days on their feet, keeping up with their grandkids or just looking for added comfort,” said Greg Biddulph, Product Manager.

The Power Comfort sock is available in 15-20 and 20-30 mmHg compression classes. With five sizes (S – 2XL) plus two lengths (standard and tall) to choose from, the Juzo Power Comfort sock provides a perfect fit with plenty of comfort. Key features include:

  • Style – Broad-ribbed design with a classic or retro-striped look, in white or black
  • Graduated Medical Compression – Improves therapeutic effectiveness
  • Moisture Control – Wicks moisture away from skin
  • Padded Sole – Cushions impact for day-long comfort
  • Arch Support – Provides enhanced fit
  • Seamless Toe – Increases comfort

Unlike over-the-counter or athletic compression socks you may find online or at a big-box retailer, Juzo Power Comfort socks feature true graduated medical compression, which is designed specifically to aid in the circulation of your blood. Learn more about the benefits of medical compression. These socks are so comfortable, Juzo staff have made them an essential part of their wardrobe.

“We are excited to introduce this line of socks to our customers. While I don’t have a medical condition that requires me to wear compression socks, I wear our POWER Comfort sock almost everyday for the comfort and support it provides,” said Walter Zorn, VP of Operations.

Learn more about how Power Comfort compression socks can give you what you need to move comfortably through the day at Juzousa.

Steve commented on Feb 24, 2024

I have a few pairs of your knee high compression socks that have the sports sock look. Can you send me the product number as I want to order more as I got mine through Markham Lymphatic Centre

Anne commented on Jun 20, 2020

Can you explain why should a silver soft stocking be removed before MRI and cardiac defibrillation?

Juzo replied to Anne on Jun 23, 2020

The Soft Silver Stockings contain silver thread which is made of metal, that metal is conductive and can become hot in a MRI.

Lucy commented on Mar 19, 2020

Don't u all have compassion socks for women

Juzo replied to Lucy on Mar 20, 2020

Lucy, while this product is marketed towards men, most of our products, including the POWER Comfort Sock, are unisex.

Matt Celerio commented on Feb 24, 2020

I want to try.

Mike Gilbertson commented on Feb 15, 2020

Are you selling or just advertising? I'm interested.

Juzo replied to Mike Gilbertson on Feb 17, 2020

Thanks for your interest Mike. We do not sell directly to the public, but you can find a dealer near you by going to our Dealer Locator...

Lawrence Jones commented on Feb 11, 2020

How do they compare to the Silver Sole socks that I have worn for years? ( And Love!)

Juzo replied to Lawrence Jones on Feb 11, 2020

We're happy to hear about your love for our Silver Sole OTC sock. To answer your question, the POWER Comfort Sock has true graduated medical grade compression and is available in 15-20 & 20-30 mmHg models, while the Silver Sole is listed at 10-12 mmHg. In addition the POWER Comfort Sock is softer and the padded sole is thicker for added comfort.


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